Reseller Terms and Conditions


You must be an authorized reseller to purchase and resell Dolby Voice products, and must have an agreement with an authorized distributor of Dolby Voice products. Dolby may approve or reject any application in its sole discretion. In some instances, Dolby may require you to sign a separate reseller agreement. 

If approved, the following terms and conditions apply:

Reseller Responsibilities for Dolby Voice Product:

Reseller may only:

  • Purchase and return Dolby Voice Products through authorized distributors.

  • Sell Dolby Voice Products in territories for which the reseller has been authorized and Dolby Voice Product has been homologated.

  • Sell new Dolby Voice Products  in their original packaging.

Reseller may not:

  • Appoint a sub-reseller unless authorized in advance by Dolby in writing;

  • Sell or offer to sell Dolby Voice Products over the Internet, except via Reseller’s independent company website (e.g. sales via eBay, Amazon Marketplace, Facebook, online marketplaces or white label websites are prohibited); 

  • Repair or otherwise alter Dolby Voice Products

  • Sell Dolby Voice Products to a business or individual who has intent to resell Dolby products

  • Disassemble, reverse engineer or de-compile all or any part of the Products

Advertised Pricing:

  • Reseller agrees to adhere to Dolby’s Advertising Policy (“DAP”)

This policy can be found here.

Sales Reports:

  • Reseller will provide reports summarizing sales and inventory levels as requested by Dolby.

Use of Trademarks:

  • Applicable trademarks will be made available to Reseller upon authorization  for Reseller to indicate  it is an “authorized Dolby reseller” of Dolby Voice Products on Dolby-approved technical and marketing materials for  authorized Dolby Voice Products in accordance with any rules and guidelines provided by Dolby to Reseller.   

  • Reseller may not attach any Reseller or third party trademarks or logos to the Dolby Voice Products without Dolby’s prior written consent, or affix any Dolby trademark, logo or trade name to any non-Dolby product. 

  • Reseller agrees to provide Dolby with a copy of any materials which use a Dolby trademark prior to initial use, and Dolby shall have the right to approve or reject the proposed materials. Reseller may not use any materials rejected by Dolby. 

  • Reseller acknowledge that Dolby is the sole and exclusive owner of the Dolby trademarks and agrees that all use thereof shall inure to the exclusive benefit of Dolby.Software 

  • All software provided on or with the Dolby Voice Products, is licensed and not sold and subject to the license accompanying the Dolby Voice Product. 

Regulatory Compliance:

  • Reseller agrees to comply with all applicable laws and regulations with respect to the Dolby Voice Products, including any applicable anti-corruption regulations and export  laws. Please note that these Dolby Voice Products are export controlled and may not be resold, transferred, or otherwise disposed of, to any destination, entity, or person prohibited by U.S. or applicable non-U.S. laws or regulations, without obtaining prior authorization from the competent government authorities as required by those laws and regulations.

Governing Law; Jurisdictions:

  • Any dispute in connection with these terms will be governed under the laws of the State of California, United States of America with venue in the federal or state courts in San Francisco, California, U.S.A., and Reseller hereby agrees and submits to the personal jurisdiction and venue thereof. 


  • Either party may terminate Reseller’s authorized status at any time, upon 30 days’ written notice to the other party. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may result in immediate termination of reseller’s status. 

  • Neither party shall be liable to the other in connection with a termination of Reseller’s status.